Air Conditioner and Refrigeration Services in New Jersey
Air Conditioner and Refrigeration Services in New Jersey

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Custom Design Sheet Metal Ductwork

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Custom Design Sheet Metal

Basic Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning is offering custom design, fabrication and installation for commercial and residential heating and cooling systems. We have metal fabricating shop that is located on premises and is fully equipped with the most modern equipment. We build custom ductwork for any installation.

Every project starts with precision designed parts and ends with high quality product suitable for your home or business.


Why is this important?

  • If HVAC ductwork is not manufactured correctly it can drastically reduce system efficiency and airflow.
  • It can trap debris that can accumulate over time and cause fire hazard. If ductwork contains leaks it will result in areas of your home or business that will be not heated or not air conditioned.
  • It can and will affect quality of air in the facility.


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